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They say you should always start the day with a big, healthy breakfast. So, when you just don’t want to make breakfast for yourself a breakfast restaurant is an ideal place to eat. Check out the leading 5 dining establishments in Las Vegas that make breakfast a meal you won’t want to miss out on.

1 Tableau

Every hotel has a cafe serving from a breakfast menu, as well as lunch and supper, however at Wynn Las Vegas; the term cafe doesn’t justify the food within at Tableau. You’ll seem like you’re dining in a private dining room surrounded by stunning poolside and garden views. This peaceful oasis is hidden in the Wynn’s Tower Suites.

  1. Terrace

Create your very own doughnuts. Do you really need to know anything else? Breakfast at Terrace at the 4 Seasons Hotel consists of tasty meals and beverages. Make sure you ask for one of the outside tables away from the pool and you’ll feel like you’re on your own planet and not in the middle of Las Vegas. There’s a lot to see and eat but make sure you don’t forget those doughnuts!

  1. Jardin

American handles comfort food make the menu at this restaurant at Encore Las Vegas that appears like a garden. Sit out on the patio for even better views. Jardin is also a restaurant and winery of sorts, so it would be a good stop later on in the day too.

  1. Canyon Cattle ranch Grill

Big hearty breakfasts are the way to go but we couldn’t go past the Canyon Cattle that offers wholesome, healthy breakfast alternatives. The Ranch Grill at the Palazzo offers up dishes made with fresh food and naturally active ingredients consisting of dairy, grains, oils and greens. Beautiful plates of food like the frittata Del giorno with vegetables and cheese won’t hurt your calorie counting efforts or your pockets. The same goes for the sweet potato that comes with natural ham and a poached egg. Even the Caribbean French toast with rum-flavoured toast, banana, pineapple and maple syrup just has 315 calories. Your waist will thank you. This also leaves room for a day of eating around popular Las Vegas restaurants.

  1. Hash House a Go-Go

Just imagine, co-founders Johnny Rivera and executive chef Craig Beardslee, grew up in small towns on farms in Indiana. Who would have ever guessed they would end up here? The plates of food are huge at Hash House a Go-Go, the pancakes even take up a whole plate. Scrambles make you question simply how many eggs you can cook simultaneously. The waiting lines to get in tell you that the twisted farm foods are foods worth waiting for. Now the Westside favourite has a place at the Imperial Palace and soon at M Resort.